If freezing rain or snow doesn’t fall this weekend, winter may still pierce Taylor the hardest it has all season.

As of Wednesday, Feb. 10, the Taylor Texas Weather Network predicted daytime highs going from the 70s this week to well below freezing next week with possible wintry precipitation. Nights could plunge into the teens by Monday night.

“There are chances for showers and even thunderstorms on Thursday as an upper level disturbance moves over the region. Much colder conditions are expected across the region on Friday into the upcoming weekend as an arctic airmass moves south into Texas,” said the National Weather Service Austin/San Antonio Office. “Best chances for wintry mix of freezing rain, sleet and snow is likely to be late Sunday into Monday. Stay informed checking our weather forecast updates and stay warm during this cold episode of winter weather.”

From Wednesday through Saturday afternoon, Feb. 10-13, daytime highs will be in the lower 40s. Lows near or just below freezing at 32 degrees are expected until the weekend.

A bitter low of 21 degrees is forecast to end the week Saturday night. On Sunday, hearts won't be quite as cold for Valentine’s Day with a projected high of 36 before dipping back to 21 at night. Monday is forecast to be freezing all day with a high of 31 and low of 14. Tuesday might get back into the 40s before returning to the 20s at night.

Regarding precipitation, Wednesday includes a 60% chance of rain during the day and a soggier night with a 70% chance of showers extending into Thursday. Friday should be dry, albeit cloudy.

Possible snow, sleet, freezing rain, icy conditions or regular rainfall this weekend have been heavily subject to change in recent forecasts. As of Wednesday at 10 a.m., the Taylor Texas Weather Network had a 20% of rain, sleet or snow showers for Saturday before the evening. Sunday night has a 50% chance of either regular rain, freezing rain, snow or sleet. Monday has a 50% chance of snow and sleet. Tuesday may get a break from precipitation

For an updated weather forecast and radar, visit http://www.taylorpress.net/weather.

UPDATE: Although this is not expected to impact east Williamson County necessarily, the National Weather Service has issued this advisory for Wednesday night:

Cold air is moving in behind a cold front today. Light rain will develop during the day today and continue into tonight. Temperatures will drop into the 30s tonight and some spots will reach freezing early Thursday morning. This will cause freezing rain to mix in with the rain. This could cause a light glaze of ice on exposed surfaces, but we do not expect any impacts. Temperatures will rise above freezing by mid-morning Thursday and precipitation will change back to all rain.

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