WILCO – Last week, Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell along with mayors and elected officials from nine Williamson County cities stood together to show their support of a complete Census count in 2020. About 50 people attended the event, including members of the Williamson County 2020 Census Complete Count Committee, community leaders, area partners, and others interested in learning more about the 2020 Census.

“My most important task as county judge will be ensuring we count everyone in Williamson County in this 2020 Census,” remarked Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell. “The public needs to know that their participation in the Census is incredibly important and has a tremendous effect on the future of Williamson County.”

Fang Fang, partnership specialist with the US Census Bureau, outlined some of the reasons a complete count is extremely important. One of the most impactful reasons is funding. Census figures determine the allocation of funds for 55 federal spending programs including highway planning and construction, Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers, very low to moderate income housing loans, state children’s health insurance program, Federal Direct Student Loans, Community Development Block Grants, school funding for things such as free and reduced lunch and more. In addition, it affects representation in government. It is estimated that Texas will gain three congressional seats based on 2020 Census counts.

Currently, the Census Bureau is recruiting workers. To get information on applying for Census jobs, anyone can text ‘texasjobs’ to 313131. In March, Census postcards will be mailed to most homes staggered over a few days. Self-response will take place in March and April. May through July, Census workers visit addresses that have not completed a census questionnaire.

In September, the Williamson County Commissioners Court appointed a 13-person committee to raise awareness regarding the 2020 Census and motivate residents to respond. Even a 1% undercount could have a significant impact on programs and initiatives in our county.  It is estimated that an area could possibly lose approximately $1,500 per person each year who is undercounted.

To learn more about the United States 2020 Census and its impact on Williamson County, visit http://www.wilco.org/2020census.

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