Taylor and Williamson County are seeing numbers related to COVID-19 trend upward, although recoveries are among those figures.

This week, Williamson County experienced its largest single-day surge of new coronavirus cases reported to date with 116 new cases on Wednesday. The previous single-day record occurred Sunday when 100 new cases were reported.

On June 24, the Williamson County and Cities Health District reported that there were 831 active cases. There have been 737 recoveries in the county.

As of Wednesday, there have been a total of 1,614 cases of COVID-19 recorded in Williamson County. Taylor Mayor Brandt Rydell did have some good news to report this week.

"One bit is that we're not seeing additional fatalities right now," said Rydell. "We've been at that 32 number for a little while now, and we hope that that number stays where it is."

There have been no deaths linked to COVID-19 reported in Williamson County since June 17.

On June 24, Taylor had 36 active cases of the coronavirus, as reported by  Rydell. The number is up six in one day and up 16 from one week ago.

"We still have the 44 recoveries," said the mayor, "and fortunately we have not had anyone else pass away from COVID-19. We do have the one death that occurred a couple of weeks back."

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 81 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Taylor as of June 22. The mayor's full update can be played below.

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Hutto is at 55 active cases of COVID-19 as of Wednesday, up 31 from a week before. About 54 citizens have recovered, up eight from last week as well. In total, there have been 110 cases in Hutto, including one previously reported death.

The city of Thrall reported in early May and maintains that there is one active case in zip code 76578 but outside the city limits. Thrall lies at the northwest border of 76578, which extends to the eastern county border and into the southeast corner of the county and beyond.

According to WCCHD maps from June 16, zip code 76578 has had at least six confirmed cases of COVID-19 during the pandemic. Based on reconfigured maps since then, the zip code is classified as having 0-11 reported cases.

WCCHD uses guidance from Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in how they release public information about COVID-19 by municipality or geographic area.

There are no reports of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in other eastern Williamson County communities as of June 24.

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