Players will have a chance to return and show off their skills at the Taylor Press 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament July 10-11.

After a year on the bench, the Taylor Press 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament is back in the game.

Last year’s tournament was canceled due to concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s event is scheduled for July 10-11 and Taylor High School.

“I’m excited to have the tournament again, and I think we need it after a year of being told to stay home most of the time,” said Jason Hennington, tournament director.

With the pandemic still in effect, this year’s tournament will have some safety restrictions in place.

“Everyone will have to wear a mask unless they are playing,” Hennington said. “I know not everyone is going to want to wear the mask, but we have to, just to be safe.”

Other precautions include limiting the number of teams allowed to sign up and play. This year,

up to 20 teams can sign 18 and older division, up to six teams in the 15-17 division and up to six teams in the 11-14 division.

Teams can have up to four players and will be required to sit together and socially distance from other teams when not playing.

The younger divisions will play in the secondary gym, and all of the games will be in the first half of the day. After 2 p.m., the secondary gym will be closed.

On day two of the tournament, all of the younger division games will be held in the main gym in the morning.

The game format will be 13-minute games or the first team to 21 points. At the six-minute mark, the game will stop, and basketballs will be sanitized.

A landmark game normally played will not be able to happen this year.

“Unfortunately, the Shining Stars will not play this year,” Hennington said. “That is one of my favorite parts of the tournament, but because of safety reasons, they won’t be able to play.”

The Shining Stars will still run the concession stand.

The entry fee for the tournament is $50 per team with up to four players. All teams are guaranteed to play both days.

Registration forms are available at the Taylor Press, 211 W. Third St., and the Taylor Press 3-on-3 Facebook page.

The age groups for the tournament are 11-14, 15-17 and 18 and older, anyone who has played varsity level basketball will play in this division.

For more information, call Jason Hennington at 512-352-8535 or 512-269-9735, or email or

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