Chamber luncheon

Cliff Olle, owner of On Technology, gives a presentation on web safety at a chamber luncheon, Monday, June 17.

On Technology gave a presentation at a city chamber luncheon Monday about how to stay safe from hackers.

The luncheon, held June 17, covered issues from hacking to phishing, and gave the audience tips on how to reduce hacking. Cliff Olle, owner of On Technology, shared why it is so important to arm employees with ways to protect web information.

“The employee is the weakest link of a company,” he said. “80% of the disasters we see are because employees have done or shared something, fell for a phishing attack or left a password sitting around.”

He said informing employees on ways to stay safe online reduce hacking possibilities. He also said hacking happens more than it used to.

“Believe it or not, the word ‘password’ is not a secure password,” he said. “That’s much more important now than 10 years ago, because [privacy issues] now are so much worse than they were then.”

Weak passwords are the quickest way people are hacking into accounts. Olle said easy passwords are not a good idea, but they’re used so much because no one wants to remember them or write them down.

“Easy passwords or ones with personal information are never good, because they are easily discovered by IT hackers,” he said.

Strong passwords, however, include numbers or characters that don’t easily identify you. Phrases are also good, because they’re easier to remember, but also hard for someone else to get.

Olle also warned people of fake emails from hackers. These emails include messages that read ‘Order from Amazon,’ or ‘Message from HR.’

“A high percentage of Americans use Amazon,” he said. “So if I were a hacker, I could spoof them and send you emails that say ‘your order has been delayed,’ and we see people fall for that a lot.”

Olle said its important to pay attention sketchy email addresses, and that every 60 to 90 days is when someone should change passwords.

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