After Thanksgiving, Taylor’s count of COVID-19 active cases dipped like Williamson County’s numbers. However, the county’s numbers climbed this past week.

On Tuesday, Dec. 1, Mayor Brandt Rydell reported that there were approximately 38 active cases of the coronavirus in Taylor. In comparison, there was an estimated 41 people sick in Taylor one week earlier after spiking from 17 four days before then. The city’s peak number of reported active cases was 66 in July.

“Our total number of COVID-19 cases so far is 708,” said Rydell. “We’ve seen an increase of 49 cases (since Nov. 24) in terms of that overall total.”

Approximately 670 citizens have recovered from the disease.

While the mayor said he hoped everyone had a good Thanksgiving break, he cautioned we might not see the effects of any large gatherings during the holiday for two or three weeks.

“We at least have a goal to shoot for now. So much news on the vaccine front. Things are rolling,” said Rydell, who added the news of first responders and other groups likely to be prioritized. “Then into the spring, hopefully we’ll have vaccines readily available for the rest of us and we’ll be that much closer to putting COVID-19 as a global pandemic behind us, but we’ve got a ways to go before we get there.”

Before Taylor’s Friday report, which was released after press time, the county’s active case count broke the height of last month’s spike. On Thursday, Dec. 3, the Williamson County and Cities Health District (WCCHD) reported there were an estimated 849 county residents currently sick with COVID-19. About 12,647 residents have recovered from the coronavirus.

To compare, active cases increased from 701 three days earlier and broke the pre-Thanksgiving figure of 806 on Nov. 24. Recent stats still remain less than the peak four-digit figures of sick residents during the summer, although the health district has revised its reporting mechanisms over time.

Deaths in the county linked to COVID-19 are estimated at 169, up from 162 before Thanksgiving. In total, the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases in Williamson County this year stands at least at 13,834.

“We saw 1,044 new (total confirmed) cases reported to WCCHD,” reported the health district on the extended Thanksgiving holiday, “with 191 on Nov. 24, 129 on Nov. 25, 65 on Nov. 26, 218 on Nov. 27, 256 on Nov. 28, and 185 on Nov. 29.”

WCCHD says it is extremely concerned about the rapid increase in cases and reminds the public to continue to be vigilant and practice good hygiene, physical and social distancing, and wear face coverings.

In Hutto, active case numbers were following a wavy trend similar to Williamson County. According to the health district, Hutto had 52 citizens sick with the coronavirus as of Thursday. There were approximately 38 active cases three days earlier after spiking to 64 before Thanksgiving. About 893 people have recovered in the city.

The city of Thrall reported this past week that there were six sick residents in zip code 76578, up from four one week earlier. The zip code includes Noack and the southeastern corner of the county. Approximately 76 residents have recovered. With one previously reported death, 76578 has had at least 83 confirmed cases during the pandemic.

Other statistics that help determine the local threat of COVID-19 include hospitalizations, ventilators in use and more. To see more stats and gauge COVID-19’s local effects, visit

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