City Hall

Taylor's City Hall is located at 400 Porter St.

On Election Day, the voters let their voices be heard and re-elected incumbents for Taylor ISD and the city of Taylor.

At the city of Taylor, Brandt Rydell received 59.16% of the vote, 297 votes, to defeat opponents Matt Rector and Angela Belcher. Rector received 188 votes, 37.54%, and Belcher received 17 votes, 3.39%.

“Thank you to the voters of District 3 who are returning me to my seat on the Taylor City Council,” Rydell said in a social media post. “Being able to serve the community I love in this capacity is the highest honor and privilege of my life. I’m looking forward to continuing the work with our council and city staff as we meet the challenges and opportunities of the next chapter in our town’s history.”

Rydell thanked and commended Rector and Belcher for their campaigns.

“I admire and respect anyone who is willing to put their name on the ballot and subject themselves to the scrutiny and pressures that come with a run for public office,” Rydell said. It’s not easy, and it’s often not fun. But it is vital to our democratic system.”

Rydell will begin his fourth term on the council.

For seat 2 on the Taylor ISD board of trustees, Anita Volek defeated Todd Gratehouse with 61 votes to 22. Volek received 73.4% of the vote to Gratehouse’s 26.51%

Volek, a private piano teacher, will begin her fifth term on the board.

City of Granger

The city of Granger will have a new mayor after Monica Stojanik defeated former mayor Trevor Cheatheam.

Only three votes separated Stojanik and Cheatheam, 110-107.

“Congratulations to [Monica] and her husband, City of Granger Police Officer Tommy Thomas,” Cheatheam said in a social media post. “Granger has big things headed its way, and I can't wait to see our town fulfill its potential in the coming years.”

Stojanik has served as mayor pro tem and will now serve as the mayor of the city. Cheatheam said it was an honor to serve on the council for four years.

“It has been my privilege to serve as your mayor for the last additional four,” he said. “The road has been hard, but so much has been accomplished.”

For the two seats on the city council, Deborah Kathrine Todd and Linda Vrabel earned the most votes.

Vrabel, who currently serves as mayor pro tem, received the most votes with 114, 30.73%, while Todd received 111, 29.92%.

They defeated Mark Allen Matoska, who had 90 votes (24.26%) and Christopher Brandon Fraser, who received 56 votes, 15.09%.

Granger ISD

At Granger ISD, two new faces will join the board. Jeanette Welles and Roman Ramirez were elected to fill two seats on the board.

Welles received the most votes with 187, 32.47%, and Ramirez received 136 votes, 23.61%. Incumbent Timmy Tidwell was just short of re-election with 121 votes, 21.01%, followed by Barney Fudge with 95 votes, 16.49%, and Ashleigh Ging with 37 votes, 6.42%.

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