TMS heroes rescue neighbor after fall

One afternoon, as Icey Walker and Bryan Medina were walking home from their bus stop, they heard cries for help coming from a backyard across the street. Not knowing what they would find, the Taylor Middle School seventh graders decided to team up and go check on the situation together. They went against their parents’ rule of not crossing the street, of going straight home, and followed the desperate pleas for help. 

When they entered the back yard, they found lifelong Taylor resident, Irene Michna, on the ground. She had fallen more than an hour earlier and was unable to get up. Neither Walker nor Medina had ever met Michna before, but they didn’t hesitate to help this neighbor in distress. 

“We just got off the bus like normal, and as I was walking I heard someone say, ‘Help!’” Walker said. “I didn’t want to go by myself, so I asked Bryan if he wanted to go with me and he said yes. So, we went and helped the lady. She said she needed her phone so she could call her son to come help her up.” 

Medina went to get the phone while Walker stayed with Michna. Once the call was made, and Michna’s son was on the way, the two young heroes hurried on home to let their parents know why they were running late from school. 

“I didn’t want my mom to get mad at me for being on the other side of the road,” Walker said. “I told her right away what happened, and she asked if the lady was still laying there. When I said yes, she went over to check on her.” 

Michna said she had walked out to the garage with a bag of trash, and when she turned to go back into the house the trash can fell on top of her. She landed on the concrete and couldn’t get up. 

“I sat there and hollered and screamed and nobody could hear me,” Michna said. “Then these two youngsters got off the bus about a block from me and they were walking home. I started hollering and screaming, crying and everything, and the girl looked over and saw me and turned to the boy. Both of them crossed the street and came into my back yard to help. I told them how much I loved them and appreciated them because I had been there for over an hour.” 

Walker and Medina were recognized at a schoolwide assembly by the Taylor Police Department. They were each presented with a certificate for “Courageous and Selfless Actions During an Emergency Situation.”

Walker and Medina both say they were happy to help, but don’t feel like they did anything special. 

“I just did it because she needed help and I helped her,” Medina said. 

“I don’t think of it as a big deal,” Walker said. “It’s just what people are supposed to do.” 

Michna is well known in the community for her volunteer efforts and service to others. On this particular day, it was two young citizens who helped repay some of that kindness to her.

“I just feel so very, very blessed that they came by that day,” Michna said. “I made two new friends, and I feel that God was watching over us that day.”

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