Ozzy Deleon

A Taylor man found himself in jail after assaulting family members and running from the police.

According to police reports, on Monday, April 8, around 4 p.m., officers responded to a call in the 1100 block of Carolina St. for assault. Allegedly, the suspect, Ozzy Deleon, 21, of Taylor, had assaulted two adult members of the household.

The victims told officers that Deleon was involved in an argument with one of the people in the house. When one of the victims was trying to leave the house, Deleon grabbed her and pulled her into a room, shut the door and begin hitting her with his fists.

Commander Joseph Branson said another person in the house could hear the assault and forced their way into the room, where they saw Deleon assaulting the woman. Deleon then turned and began assaulting the witness.

The assault continued until another member of the household stabbed Deleon with scissors. Police were called to the scene shortly after.

When officers arrive, Deleon saw officers and ran.

After a short foot chase, officers detained Deleon, and officers noticed he had blood on him. Deleon told officers he was hurt and needed medical attention.

"No injuries that were suffered that day were life-threatening," Branson said. “We’re just glad there weren’t more injuries that were sustained.”

Branson said there was no indication of drug use or intoxication of Deleon.

Deleon was arrested and charged with assault with injury/family violence, a class A misdemeanor, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon/family violence, a second-degree felony, and evading arrest/detention on foot, a class A misdemeanor. Deleon is still in custody at the Williamson County Jail on bonds that total $80,000.

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