Taylor had four more cases of COVID-19 confirmed in the city this week.

On April 29, Mayor Brandt Rydell announced that Taylor's total count of COVID-19 confirmed cases to date went up to 12. The previous count stood at eight since April 22, although the mayor confirmed late Tuesday on his Facebook page of the additional cases.

"I mentioned to you yesterday in a couple of updates that the number of confirmed cases for our town is now at 12," said Rydell, "and half of those are individuals who have since recovered from the virus."

For more, see Mayor Brandt Rydell's video at the end of this article

Meanwhile, different factors resulted in an 80-case increase of COVID-19 in Williamson County in four days, although Taylor was left out of the spike.

As of April 29, the Williamson County and Cities Health District (WCCHD) reported that there were 293 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the county. More than half of those cases, 169 people, have recovered. Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell announced April 28 of two more passings, marking eight deaths thus far attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"As joyful as I am that we are beginning to open up Williamson County at the end of this week, we are again reminded of the seriousness of this disease,” said Gravell while referencing state orders allowing some businesses to re-open Friday in limited capacity. “As county judge, I am heartbroken for the families and their loss. We are striving to open up our community and our economy and the reality is there are people that are struggling to survive, and so my thoughts and prayers as county judge go with those families.”

On Sunday, April 26, WCCHD announced 51 newly confirmed cases. The spike was mostly a result of a cluster of cases found in a Williamson County nursing home in Round Rock, and the health district is investigating a second potential nursing home with an outbreak.

“In the last 10 days we have seen an increase of 78% in new cases,” Gravell said. “Let us redouble our efforts in social distancing and kindness during these next days.”

Going in a better direction, no additional cases were reported between this past Monday and Tuesday in the county, although six more came in Wednesday.

In Taylor, another person diagnosed with COVID-19 freed themselves of the disease since last week. As of April 29, six of 12 Taylor cases have recovered.

With April 29's updated numbers, Hutto has had 24 cases of COVID-19 thus far. There have been 11 people who have recovered, and one death attributed to the illness in Hutto.

There have been 31 cases of the coronavirus in rural areas or cities with less than a 20,000 population in Williamson County. Approximately 17 people in this category have recovered, leaving 14 still ill.

There has been no official report of COVID-19 in rural communities north, east or south of Taylor. The city of Thrall notes on their website that it was not aware of any case in their town as of April 29.

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