WILCO – On Nov. 5, 62% of Williamson County voters approved the county issuing bonds not to exceed $412 million for road safety and mobility projects. This past Tuesday, Nov. 19, the Williamson County Commissioners Court took the first step moving forward with these projects by advertising for statements of qualifications for a general engineering consultant, planning and design services and other professional services associated with the projects. 

The Commissioners Court also heard from Dan Wegmiller, the county’s bond financial advisor, regarding timing for the county’s bond sale. Wegmiller explained that the rating agencies would be giving the county a rating for the bond prior to them being available for sale. Currently, the county has a AAA bond rating.

“We know that we have important safety projects that we need to begin as soon as possible,” said County Judge Bill Gravell. “The commissioners are working on prioritizing the road projects in their precincts, while Purchasing is advertising for qualified engineers for these projects, and the Auditor’s Office is working on the bond sale. Everything is lining up so that we hope to have the funding available and priorities set by mid-February,”

After the county receives submittals for the professional services, an evaluation team, comprised of county engineers and other county staff, will review submittals for each project identified and select the most qualified firm for each project. The county has initially identified 24 road projects included in the request for qualifications. Once the most qualified firm is selected for each project, the evaluation team will negotiate a contract with that firm and then recommend the firm and contract to the Commissioners Court for approval.

For information on how to submit a request for qualifications or do other business with the county, go to http://www.wilco.org/Purchasing.

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