Taylor can expect to feel the Christmas spirit this weekend, as the Wine Swirl, the Christmas Fair, and the parade and tree lighting will start the Christmas season.

The wine swirl, Friday, Dec. 6 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., is for guests 21 and older.

Tickets can be bought online at Eventbright.com, at city hall or at various participating businesses in Taylor for $29.95.

Guests will be given a passport, where they can collect stamps from businesses they’ve visited. Once a guest has gotten all of their stamps, they have the chance to enter three drawings, where each winner will be given a goody bag. Main Street Manager Jan Harris said this is to get guests to know Taylor businesses.

“The goody bag will include a plastic, stem-less wine cup that fits your hand, a map of participants, coupons from the businesses, and a swirl bag that can hold two bottles of wine,” she said. “We want people to go to all of the business and we want to generate more shopping in downtown Taylor. We also want them to come back and they’ll have gift certificates to do that.”

There will be seven wineries participating inside different stores stationed in downtown. Wineries included are Colorado River Winery, which will be in Friends of the Bride, Fiesta Winery, Pillar Bluff Winery, Flat Creek, Pleasant Hill Winery, Rising Sun Vineyard and Texas Legato, which will be inside Rhinestone Cowgirl. 

Harris said it’ll be a drinking and shopping event, and guests can ride in a limousine bus.

“There will be sampling, where guests can taste wine, but not every event will have alcohol. There will be a check-in at Mezoozah's. There will be a limousine bus that’ll run around. People can ride in it for free,” she said. 

There will also be food and live music playing between Talbot Street and Main Street. 

“The Chubby Knuckle Choir will perform and people can watch them while eating at surrounding tables,” Harris said.

The Christmas fair will be held Saturday, Dec. 7 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Christmas Fair will also give guests a chance to Christmas shop, according to Harris.

“There will be around 15-18 vendors outside,” she said. “There will be spa products, Mary Kay products, jewelry, all kinds of things. You can really do some Christmas shopping there.”

Other items that will be available are cooking utensils, reefs, books and key chains, among many other items, ensuring a good variety for guests and their family members.

There will be local food vendors attending and Saint James Episcopal Church will serve baked cookies and the Blackland Quilt Guild will give away quilts in a raffle.

The wine swirl and fair both lead up to the weekend’s biggest event, the Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting Saturday, Dec. 7.

Staring at 7 p.m., the parade will begin at the intersection of Twelfth Street and Main Street, and will end at the intersection of Third Street and Main Street. 

A nighttime event, Harris says there will be lots of floats to commemorate the Christmas spirit.

“There are 64 entries so far, and we’re expecting 15 more from now until Saturday,” she said. 

The inaugural Tree lighting will start at 8 p.m. and Harris said there will be a lot for guests to see.

“There will be music, singing, a welcoming by the mayor and a blessing of the tree,” she said. “Santa will be there to talk to the kids.”

She also suggests that parents bring their camera to take pictures of their kids with Santa.

“We want a lot of families to explore Taylor,” Harris said. “We want to bring shoppers. There will be food at these events too, but we want residents of Taylor to rediscover downtown and experience something new.”

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