Legacy Early College High School will hold its first graduation since the separation from Taylor High School on Friday, May 24. Graduation will be held at 7 p.m. at the Taylor ISD Main Event Center, 3101 N. Main St.

The top two graduates from Legacy this year are Anna Liles, valedictorian, and Raegan King, salutatorian.

Liles is the daughter of Nick and Cindy Huynh. She is the National Honor Society vice president and volunteers at Shepherd’s Heart Food Pantry and Thrift Store. She enjoys traveling, exploring and working two jobs.

Liles said her biggest achievement in school is graduating at the top of her class as valedictorian and earning her associate degree.

Liles plans to attend the University of Texas at Austin and major in biology.

“UT Austin provides many academic opportunities to guide me towards a career in healthcare as well as opportunities to interact with such a diverse student body,” she said.

Liles’ dream job is to be able to reach out to individuals around the globe in order to shed light on the importance of health, and impact those who care, but do not have the proper resources.

She said her superpower is her ability to exhibit an individual who strives to be open-minded and understanding of others and their situations.

Liles’ life philosophy is, “Do not be afraid to fail or step out of your comfort zone because you will miss out on the chance to grow and create new memories.”

King is the daughter of Michael King and Kimberly Tennies. She is the National Honor Society treasurer and volunteers at T.H. Johnson Elementary.

King said her biggest achievement in school is that she was able to get her high school diploma and associates degree while maintaining good grades.

She plans to attend Texas A&M University in the fall and major in business.

“I chose Texas A&M because it’s a good university and it has a great business school,” she said.

King does not have a dream job yet and wants to wait and see what field of business she goes into first.

She said her superpower her “amazing” time management skills.

King’s life philosophy is, “Life isn’t fair, but you have to keep moving forward.”

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