On Saturday, the gates came down and wheels got rolling as Pierce Park, the downtown skate park, officially opened for business.

Project LOOP founder Brent Humphries along with Mayor Brandt Rydell, councilman Robert Garcia, Interim City Manager Jeff Jenkins and other city officials were in attendance as students from Project LOOP and B.L.A.D.E. walked through the gates with boards in-hand to ride the rails and the bowl of the new park.

Even with the cool and wet weather, riders have visited the park daily since it opened.

On Tuesday, X-Games gold medalist Chase Hawk, along with about 20 representatives from Vans and Evergreen Skateparks, tested the park out for themselves.

"It's amazing," he said. "It's not just people from Taylor that are excited that it's here."

Hawk said he is familiar with some of the skate parks Evergreen has built all over the world, and Taylor's park stacks up to the competition.

"This is, just from seeing everything they've built, this is definitely one of the better parks they've ever done," he said. "I think this place is super rad."

Hawk, who lives in Austin, said he plans to make trips to the park often.

"Absolutely this place is going to change the scene for a lot of different people around here," he said. "There are a lot of different things other than the skate park that are going to make it a regular for a lot of people."

Hawk is one of the many contributors that helped raise money for the park.

While the park is officially open, there are still some areas that are blocked off for construction to continue.

Third Street between Porter and Washburn remains closed until all of the construction is complete.

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