On Thursday night, Taylor police arrested a teenager for violating the city's curfew hours.

According to Taylor Police Chief Henry Fluck, officers responded to a call around 12:15 a.m. to Whataburger for a noise complaint. He said there were complaints of loud music, loud voices and peeling out of cars.

When officers arrived, there was a large group of teenagers, mostly boys. Officers told everyone to leave, but no one left the scene.

Fluck said officers recognized one of the teenagers and approached him and tried to detain him for violation of the curfew ordinance. He said an officer instructed all juveniles to leave the premises and recited the curfew ordinance. The curfew begins at 11 p.m. during the week, and it was after midnight when the incident occurred.

No one left the scene, and officers approached the teenager because they believed he was a juvenile. According to police reports, officers stopped the teenager the day before for a traffic violation. He was issued a citation for no Texas Driver's License, but did have a Texas ID. He also received warnings for speeding and a defective tail light.

"[Officers] noticed who he was and had cause to believe he was a juvenile," he said. "He was issued a citation the night before, and that's how they had knowledge that he was a juvenile."

According to Fluck, the other officer present was at that contact and told the sergeant that the teenager was 16 years old.

The teenager refuses and the officer proceeds to arrest him. In a video sent to the Taylor Press, an officer goes to the teenager and asks for his identification.

"People want to see what he was doing before the video to justify that action," said Magnus Stephens, who shot the video. "People think he was being rowdy doing something, but he wasn't even outside."

The video begins as the teenager and the officer begin to engage. Stephens said the teenager was outside for less than five minutes. He said it seemed that the teenager arrested was targeted by the officer.

"As soon as she makes eye contact with him, she starts yelling at him and asking for his ID," Stephens said. "He wasn't being disrespectful. All he did was walked by."

He said after an officer had already responded for a noise complaint, the teenagers were not playing music or being loud. He said the arresting officer showed up and was agitated with everyone.

"I feel like this was an abuse of power because she didn't try to de-escalate the situation at all," Stephens said. "She got out of the vehicle and wanted to escalate it."

When asked for ID, the teenager refused, and was arrested.

"The young man resisted arrest and the officers struggled for about three minutes with him until they were finally able to take him into custody," Fluck said.

He said the teenager nor any of the officers were injured in the struggle. No other people were arrested.

Because the teenager resisted arrest, he was taken to the Juvenile Detention Center in Georgetown.

Fluck said last summer police received several calls for noise complaints last year, they are continuing into this year. He said police are working with businesses near Whataburger to get no loitering signs installed.

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