Shattered Dreams

Taylor High School juniors and seniors watch as police officers administer a sobriety test to the driver (played by Kyla Petrilla) in a crash scene reenactment. Photo by Tim Crow

Thrall High School students will participate in a Shattered Dreams program on Wednesday, April 21, featuring a staged auto crash in front of Thrall High School followed by a presentation in the high school gym with motivating speeches by DWI victims and their parents.

Shattered Dreams is an educational experience that shows the dangers associated with drinking and driving. This event is not meant for younger children.

Since 1989, statistics show that a drunk driver kills a person every 15 minutes. On Wednesday, a high school student will be taken out of class every 15 minutes to represent this loss of life.

At 10 a.m., students will participate in a staged auto crash in front of Thrall High School. This event will include high school students being transported in an ambulance, a Star Flight helicopter and a hearse. The “drunk driver” will be handcuffed and taken away in a police car. Students, staff and visitors will then gather in the high school gym for a mock memorial service.

The school invites high school students' families, friends and the Thrall community to join them for the program.

hrall ISD says tour attendance at this event, along with other community leaders who are invited guests, will show the students how much the community cares about them, as well as how critical it is to keep drunk drivers off our streets.

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