Local residents looking to open a business look to shake up alcohol restrictions after being told they couldn’t serve mixed drinks if their business didn’t meet sales standards.

Cari Farris is one of two founders of The Famous Taylor Salt and Lime Petition Drive, along with her husband John. 

The duo are interested in opening a business in Taylor and tried to obtain a liquor license until Cari Farris said they were told they had to reach a certain criteria.

“We were looking into a liquor component and we were told we couldn’t sell mixed drinks unless 51% of our sales were food sales,” she said. 

The petition aims to get selling mixed drinks on a ballot for residents to vote for it in a future election.  It is required to have 1,683 signatures and currently has about half. The petition is due Dec. 2 for city council.

Farris said she’s hopeful that the petition will get more signatures and that she and her husband are increasing canvasing efforts. She also said some pretty big local businesses are in favor of supporting the petition.

“We will go door to door and face to face in November,” she said. “We’re on track right now [with the amount of signatures] and October was just going to a lot of events on weekends. A lot of local businesses and organizations have supported it and it’s just been getting passed around.”

Local businesses have supported the petition and many of them have the petition in their establishment for interested individuals to sign. Businesses include 

Taylor Chamber of Commerce, Texas Beer Co., Black Sparrow, Taylor Station Bar, Loose Screw, Plowman's and many others. 

Currently, there are only five places in Taylor that can sell mixed drinks. Farris said two of them are cooperate restaurants and the petition is a bid to expand that privilege to privately owned local businesses and help the local economy in the process.

“The two corporate places are Applebee’s and Masfajitas,” she said. “This just to level the play field [for smaller businesses]. If we remove these restrictions, we’ll contribute to economic growth with increased alcohol sales.”

The Farris’ have started a Political Action Committee (PAC) for the petition called Taylor Citizens for Freedom visit taylorcitizens.org for more information.

Individuals interested in signing the petition to get mixed drinks sold in all drinking establishments have until Dec. 2 to sign it.

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