The future of Taylor and surrounding communities can soon be shaped with new or familiar faces.

Terms of city council members and school board trustees across East Williamson County will end in May and the election process to re-elect or replace those officials begins today.

The first day to file for the May 2 election, is today, Wednesday, Jan. 15. The deadline to file is Friday, Feb. 14, at 5 p.m.

The last day to order a general or special election is Friday, Feb. 14.


One seat is up for election on the city council. The at-large seat, currently held by Dwayne Ariola, is the only possible race this year. Ariola was elected in 2017 and currently serves as mayor pro tem.

The candidate elected will serve for a three-year term.


At Taylor ISD, at-large, held by Daniel Philhower, and Place 1, held by Shorty Mitchell, are both up for election.

In 2017, neither Philhower nor Mitchell had opponents for their seats. Mitchell, who currently serves as vice president, has held his seat since 2005. Philhower has served one full term in the at-large seat.

All of the Taylor ISD seats are also for three-year terms.


The Thrall City Council is made up of one mayor and two city commissioners, each with an election term of two years. Elections are held in May every year.

This year, the only seat up for election is that of Nicole Walla. In 2018, Walla was elected after she edged out opponent Tammie Stacy by nine votes.


At Thrall ISD, Sonny Chandler’s and Bryan Holubec’s seats are set to expire in May. Both were elected in 2017. School board seats in Thrall are three-year terms.


Three seats are up for election at the city of Granger. Alderwomen Monica Stojanik, Monica Schwitzer and Lynn Springfield all have terms set to expire in May.


At Granger ISD, board members Mark Harwell, Daryl Stefek and Sandra Carpenter are all up for re-election. Currently, Carpenter serves as board secretary.

The deadline to register to vote in these elections is Thursday, April 2. The first day to vote early in these elections is Monday, April 20. Early voting closes Tuesday, April 28. The last day to apply for ballot by mail is Monday, April 20. Election Day is Saturday, May 2

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