With a theme of “Taylor Strong, and Stronger Together,” the Taylor Educational Enrichment (TEE) Foundation is launching TEAM TAYLOR, a new campaign to have a significant and positive impact on Taylor ISD students and teachers. The goal is to raise $125,000 to help teachers purchase needed materials, supplies and technology not funded by the regular school budget.

“The TEE Foundation is working to support all students of Taylor ISD as they work to reach their individual goals,” said Moppy Miller, executive director. “When everyone in the community works together to make that happen, we are Team Taylor.”

One example of the positive impact TEE Foundation grants have already had on local classrooms is the purchase of Promethean Boards for several classrooms at Pasemann Elementary. These interactive whiteboards are the latest state of the art instructional technology that allows teachers and students to interact with the board through touch or specialized pens, and to project an image from a laptop or computer.

“Lessons are definitely more engaging, and students' participation has increased,” said third grade teacher, Dianoly Cancel. “They were completely amazed and call it the giant iPad. My goal is to create interactive lessons for them so they can use the Promethean board to create, participate and interact in the classroom.” 

“The new Promethean boards are allowing us to have all of our technology at our fingertips,” said third grade teacher, Ashley Rush. “The boards are allowing us to combine multiple programs and resources at the same time without having to switch between multiple applications. This is also helping us eliminate the need for excessive copies as we are already in a time where everything is becoming digital.”

The TEE Foundation has provided a major source of funds for projects, initiatives and programs in the Taylor public schools over the last five years. Through community support, $93,387.79 has been distributed to local classrooms this year, totaling $331,648 over the past five years. Additional key projects made possible by these grants have included Virtual Welding, Microscopes for Pasemann Elementary, Aquaponics/Hydroponics Lab at THS and STEM and Robotics at T. H. Johnson.

“TEAM TAYLOR allows Taylor citizens, TISD alumni, family, friends and other supporters of the TEE Foundation a simple way to pledge, donate, become involved with and stay informed about the foundation successes and the programs that donations support,” said Thomas Martinez, vice president of development for the TEE Foundation.

“Your Team Taylor membership will support the tradition of “Once A Duck, Always A Duck” and make an impact on our future,” said Mark Schroeder, TEE Foundation President. “Membership is open to anyone interested in supporting local classrooms.”

For more information, contact Miller at 512-352-6361 or at mmiller@taylorisd.org.

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