A little over a year after a takedown ceremony, the Avery apartments in south Taylor are being demolished. The area will be redeveloped in the future. 

Work began about two weeks ago, and crews are currently doing asbestos abatement. Taylor Housing Authority CEO Ebby Green expects the demolition to be finished by the spring. Green said the area will be redeveloped although there is not a firm plan just yet. 

"We're still looking for financing, and the [THA] board is going to aid us in looking at options," she said. "So, we don't know exactly what that will be."

She said discussions are preliminary for the redevelopment but hopes that something will be determined by late 2020 or early 2021. 

Last year in October, a takedown ceremony was held to honor the historic apartment complex. 

"It had been there since 1952 and it was a big thing in the community," Green said. "Everybody had ties to it, that's why we did the take down."

Mayor Brandt Rydell and former mayor Don Hill talked about their connection with the area and community members learned a little history about the area. 

The demolition includes the 70 apartments, the manager’s office and all of the maintenance buildings. 

LIHTC is the development company, and the demolition crew is Southwest Demolition out of Austin. 

During the takedown ceremony last year, Green said the cost to demolish Avery is $440,000 and the asbestos abatement was an additional $150,000 to $200,000. She said the rebuild is about $12 to $15 million. 

The original plan was to begin work soon after the ceremony but learned some of the buildings had asbestos. 

Recently, the Housing Authority accepted applications for a lottery for housing vouchers. Green said once the apartments are rebuilt, people with vouchers can apply for the apartments.

She said the long-term goal once Avery is rebuilt is to demolish the Mary Olson Apartments and relocate the residents to the Avery Apartments. 

"We will keep people posted on what we're doing. We appreciate any type of input from the community," she said. "We're hoping to bring back that neighborhood in south Taylor that's been important to the community over all of these years."

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