Estimated active cases of the coronavirus were rising in Taylor as of Tuesday, and four more citizens have reportedly passed away.

On July 21, Mayor Brandt Rydell informed the community of the additional residents who have died.

“Unfortunately since (July 17), we’ve now gotten reports of four more individuals who passed away from COVID-19 in Taylor, so we went from two to six, tripling that number just here in a few short days,” said Rydell. “Certainly our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those in our community who have lost a loved one to this disease.

Between July 17 and 24, Taylor’s overall confirmed cases rose by 44, although estimated active cases went up by only 16.

“Our total is now 254,” said Rydell said in regard to total Taylor cases during the pandemic. “Taylor’s estimated to have 62 active cases right now as compared to 192 recoveries”

The mayor’s Friday update was unavailable at press time but can be found at


About 58 more confirmed cases were recorded in Hutto in a week, but active cases were on the decline.

On July 24, Hutto had an estimated 63 active cases in the city, compared to 82 from seven days before. The Williamson County and Cities Health District reported that an estimated 320 citizens have recovered.

In total, there have been at least 383 cases of COVID-19 in Hutto.

Williamson County

Active cases of COVID-19 are estimated to be going down in the county despite more than 600 new overall cases and mounting deaths being recorded within a week.

As of July 23, Williamson County had about 832 active cases after an estimated 4,224 recoveries. The county had an estimated total of 931 active cases on July 17. In total, there have been at least 4,224 coronavirus cases in Williamson County during the pandemic.

The county’s death toll increased by about 23 cases in a week. However, county officials noted that nine deaths reported Thursday occurred July 15-22. The backlog is reportedly due to a delay in reports to the WCCHD.

Deaths reported from July 18-24, which include the backlog, are as follows:

a male in his 60s;

a male in his 70s;

five males in their 80s;

two males in their 90s;

a female in her 50s;

a female in her 60s;

five females in their 70s;

four females in their 80s; and

three females in their 90s

Approximately 89 people have passed away in Williamson County reportedly due to COVID-19.

“Today, I am calling on the Williamson County family to join me in prayer to lift up the lives lost due to this deadly disease,” said County Judge Bill Gravell. “I pray for the safety and healing of the family members as they cope with this tragedy. We are in this together, WilCo.”

WCCHD reports other figures and trends for residents to gauge COVID-19's impact in the county on a daily basis. To see the data, visit


The city of Thrall’s most recent report said that there were an estimated six active cases and 11 recoveries in zip code 76578. There have been a total of 18 cases in the area, which includes one previously reported death

Thrall and the Noack community sit at the northwest border of the mostly rural zip code, which extends to the eastern county border and into the southeast corner of the county and beyond.


Mayor Trevor Cheatheam of Granger reported July 17 that zip code 76530 had an estimated 3 active cases and 29 recoveries, down from the 11 active cases from three days before. In total, the area has had at least 32 cases during the pandemic.

Granger’s zip code also includes the communities of Walburg, Friendship and rural area.

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