While Williamson County cases of COVID-19 are going up, Taylor had a small dip at the beginning of this past week.

On Nov. 18, Mayor Brandt Rydell reported that there were approximately 18 active cases of the coronavirus in Taylor. The number of people simultaneously sick in Taylor had risen to 21 in the previous week.

The mayor also reports on the Williamson County and Cities Health District’s (WCCHD) total number of confirmed cases in the city. Confirmed cases include active cases and recoveries, while reports on city-specific deaths have been delayed since the July conversion to using death certificates as the basis for reporting virus-related deaths. In a special Wednesday update apart from his typical Tuesday and Friday reports, Rydell noted that the total number of confirmed cases had risen by five in one day from 597 to 602

“We hadn’t seen that kind of uptick in a while from day to day,” said Rydell. “This is a serious time. I could run through all the numbers as I usually do, but what’s important now is not the specific numbers on how much we increase from yesterday to today. … All I can do is ask you to please be extra vigiliant and be very careful about following those CDC guidelines, practice that physical distancing, wear the face covering, practice good hand hygiene washing your hands 20 seconds at a time with warm water and soap frequently, and using hand sanitizer when that’s not available. We know the drill.”

Approximately 584 citizens have recovered from the disease.

In other data, WCCHD reported Thursday, Nov. 19, that there were an estimated 436 county residents sick with COVID-19. About 10,556 residents have recovered from the coronavirus.

In comparison, active cases increased from 340 three days earlier. Recent stats still remain far less than the four-digit figures of residents concurrently sick during the summer, although the health district has revised its reporting mechanisms over time.

Deaths in the county linked to COVID-19 are estimated at 159, which for the first time in a couple of weeks from 158. In total, the number of COVID-19 cases this year stands at least at 11,310.

In Hutto, active case numbers have fluctuated recently. According to the health district, Hutto had 27 citizens sick with the coronavirus as of Thursday. There were approximately 20 active cases three days earlier with numbers as low as 12 in October. About 744 people have recovered in the city.

The Thrall area reports that there are four sick residents in zip code 76578, up one from a couple of weeks ago. The zip code includes Noack and the southeastern corner of the county. Approximately 60 residents have recovered. With one previously reported death, 76578 has had 65 confirmed cases during the pandemic.

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