Couple killed in boat fire

Former Taylor Animal Shelter volunteers Andrew Fritz and his wife Adrian Dahood-Fritz were killed in a boat fire near California last week. Courtesy photo

On Monday, a boat fire near an island off the Southern California coast claimed the lives of 33 people including two former Taylor residents. 

Andrew Fritz, 40, and his wife, Adrian Dahood-Fritz, 40, lived in Taylor a little over a year ago before moving to California. While in Taylor, they were volunteers at the Taylor Animal Shelter. 

"They both volunteered there for a little over a year, primarily what they provided was photographs," said Taylor Police Commander Joseph Branson. "Really high-resolution great photographs of adoptable animals, which sped up our process for getting them adopted."

They came up with the idea to dress animals up for Halloween or like superheroes to help get them adopted. Branson said their contributions were "great" and did a lot to help the shelter. 

According to media reports, the couple lived in Taylor for three to four years because they didn’t want to be in a big city and liked the houses in the area. 

"They were just great people and were really dedicated in what they did and what they did for us," Branson said. "Certainly they're going to be missed. It's a tragedy that happened and we mourn with their family and their friends."

According to a report in the Austin American Statesman, Fritz grew up in Seguin and started a photography business in Pflugerville in 2015 called AzulOx Visuals. Fritz was interested in underwater photography and had traveled the world scuba diving. 

Dahood-Fritz was a research scientist who did work in Antarctica and gave talks at Central Texas schools about being involved in science. 

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