Rex Covington, also known as Lone Star Rider, gets ready to take another trip to another town nearby, as he travels across the country to raise funds and awareness for diabetes. Proceeds go to the American Diabetes Association. Photo by TheresaChristine Etim

A traveler has embarked on a nationwide journey to find a cure for diabetes, and for only a few hours, made Taylor his home.

Rex Covington is a traveler from Dallas who rides around America with a goal to raise money to cure diabetes. While he tries to raise money, he also hopes to inform the nation about diabetes.

“Around 30 million adults are living with diabetes in the United States,” he said. “So there’s a possibility that there are a lot of people [in your town] that have it.”

Covington first got started in raising awareness for diabetes when his son died in a car accident after fainting behind the wheel from a low sugar level as a result of the disease.

After a few more years, Covington said he started having dreams that told him to pursue his current goal.

“In January 2018, I had a dream of riding around America to raise awareness,” he said. “I woke up and told people and they were saying ‘you should do it.’ June 21 at 8 p.m. I left for [the cause].”

At that point, Covington sold everything he owned and embarked on his journey, which included raising a total of $90,000, the same amount in the dream.

Proceeds go to the American Diabetes Association and while he has only raised $10,000, he doesn’t plan to stop until he reaches his goal.

“I was supposed to do this for only one year,” he said. “But ,I wanted to continue until I reached $90,000.”

Covington, who travels by motorcycle, was thrown a party by the Harley Davidson Association in Hearne.

He also has a strong social media presence, including a YouTube channel that boasts a total of over 2,000 subscribers. He’s known as the Lone Star Rider.

His page not only sheds light on diabetes, but shares highlights of the places he’s recently been, one of which, being Taylor.

Being only his second time in Taylor, Covington said he likes the city’s organizations and feels Taylor has some of the best barbeque in Texas.

“I like Taylor a lot and the city has a great Chamber of Commerce,” he said. “It’s also a good [preservation] place. It’s got good museums and I like to see the courthouse.  I only spend a couple of hours in each city, but I’d love to spend a couple of more days for a video.”

Some of his favorite places in Taylor are the Texas Beer Company and Louie Mueller Barbecue, where he had fun socializing with locals.

“One of my favorite [menu items] is John Wayne one a stick” he said. “It’s really good barbecue. I met a couple of locals and I was treated great. The people are very nice. I tell people, if you want good barbecue, you come to Taylor.”

He also recently visited Elgin and was greeted a lot by guests who noticed his trailer hitched to his motorcycle, which is where he sleeps while on the road.

While he said life on the road is hard, it’s a lot of fun and it helps him grieve his son.

“Sometimes it’s hard to find a place to park or shower,” he said. “It’s hard but then it’s not. It’s been four years since my son died and I spread his ashes throughout the country. Riding is therapeutic for me in dealing with my son’s death.”

For more information about Covington, you can follow him on YouTube and all other social media at Lone Star Rider or visit LoneStarRider.com.

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