Early voting

Williamson County hits record numbers with early voting totals. The county was just above 21% at press time.

Early voting is four days in, and Williamson County has had more votes cast than anyone in the state.

At press time, Williamson County was just over 21% with more than 82,000 votes cast.

"Our county had the highest percentage turnout in the top 30 most populous counties in the state," said Christopher Davis, Williamson County elections administrator.

He said although the county is at the top, the trend of more early voters is statewide.

"We think it's pent up enthusiasm for folks to vote," Davis said. "It's good to see that people are taking their [voting right] seriously and doing it earlier rather than later."

Davis does not believe the postponed elections in May are the major factor in the large number of early voters.

"I would suspect those that were going to vote in May were going to for sure vote in November anyway given that it's a presidential election," he said. "There may be some that only cared about a city or school district election."

While he doesn't think there were many in that category, the fact that the voters are combined could contribute to the higher turnout.

"All interests are being served when they go to vote given the consolidation of elections," Davis said.

With the large number of people at the polls, Davis said there have not been many issues with lines or crowds. He said the first day had some technical issues and there were a few places with constant long lines. In Georgetown, one of the voting locations had a power outage, so voters were directed to a different site.

"The supplies that are being used at the polling places by so many voters is not an issue," he said. "It's probably a good thing. We are constantly resupplying supplies and making sure the polling places don't miss a beat."

He hopes that the large voter numbers continue through the last two weeks of early voting.

"We hope that it's sustainable and continues, and maybe the overwhelming majority of folks will have already voted by the time Election Day comes around," he said. "We hope it stays high. It makes a very difficult and challenging election that much easier."

There will be 57 voting sites across Williamson County on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3.

"We hope they've made the decision to do it earlier rather than later," Davis said. "It's best to vote in-person early or even to apply for a ballot-by-mail early. I think people are doing that, and I think it's great."

Davis said that everyone is encouraged to wear a mask when headed to the polls.

"We want them to show respect to their fellow voter, their poll workers that are working long hours and days," he said.

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