A film crew from the Taylor High School audio/video career pathway visited the SRSLY Chocolate factory in Taylor before spring break.

With a goal of telling the story of this local business and the process of chocolate making from bean to finished bar, owner Bob Williamson was happy to partner with the young filmmakers to share his story.

“A big part of our mission is to educate people about chocolate,” Williamson said. “Because Taylor High School is just around the corner, it’s a unique opportunity for the students to come here and experience hands-on learning with visual storytelling inside the factory.”

Students began filming as Williamson opened a large bag of cocoa beans. Each step of the process was recorded until the decoratively wrapped chocolate bars were ready for display at the front counter and for filling orders for shipping.

“It was pretty cool being able to shoot a video like this,” said Seth Chavana. “It’s the first time for me to see the chocolate making process.”

“I thought it was cool how they crush up the seeds and it becomes chocolate,” said Alex Harwell.

Taylor High School media teacher Dawn Fischer said the goal of the project was to provide students with a real world experience.

“This has been a great collaborative project that required a lot of research,” Fischer said. “They read the product packaging, watched last year’s video, read the Texas Highways article, and then talked about the story and how to put it together through video.”

Students applied many of the skills they had been learning in class to this project, including planning, filming and editing skills.

“We started with storyboarding and brainstorming,” said Leslie De La Torre. “For storyboarding, we thought about the shot we were going to use and what questions we would ask.”

Fischer said her students worked together in five groups with each group producing a different part of the film. Each student edited a segment of the finished project using Adobe Premiere Pro.

SRSLY Chocolate offers workshops about once a month for anyone interested in learning more about the chocolate making process. Williamson also invites school groups to consider the chocolate factory as a destination for field trips.

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