Dickey Museum

A $5,000 grant was presented to Jennifer Harris for the Dickey Museum and Multipurpose Center. Harris was joined by city officials and officials from different organizations that donated to the project.

The Dickey Museum and Multipurpose Center project has hit phase III and almost ready for the final phase of construction.

According to Jennifer Harris, president of the Dickey Museum and Multipurpose Center, the final phase, Phase IV, includes the interior, electoral and plumbing work.

“It’s been a long journey, and thanks to God we are almost there,” she said.

Harris said the third phase of the project received funding and community support over the past year.

In August of last year, the Fondren Fund for Texas of the National Trust for Historical Preservation approved a grant for $5,000. The project also received a grant from the SummerLee Foundation for $5,000 in October 2019. The project received a Williamson County Community Development Block Grant for $98,000 in November of last year, and a $5,000 grant from the Texas Historical Foundation most recently in August.

“The National Trust for Historic Preservation and Texas Historical Foundation were the first to contribute to the project success in 2010, resulting in a Historic Structures Report prepared by Dr. Elizabeth Louden and CARMA, LLC,” Harris said.

Earlier this month, checks were presented to the Dickey Museum and Multipurpose Center committee at the future site of the museum.

A groundbreaking was held for the museum in January of 2016, but setbacks prevented the opening of the museum, which was originally scheduled for Nov. 12, 2016, on Dr. Dickey's birthday. The museum will be housed inside Dr. Dickey’s original home.

The Dickey Museum and Multipurpose Center, 500 Burkett, will provide information about African-Americans and the contributions they made to Taylor and the United States. It also will serve as a resource to teach African-American history through interactive and engaging exhibits.

The master site plan includes theater space, a meeting room, a wellness center, mediation area, playscape, basketball courts and a trail surrounding the museum that will connect to the city’s hike and bike trail. Parking will be available on properties adjacent to the house. The total cost of the project is $508,000.

The estimated cost for completion is $508,000. Harris said the organization will continue to raise money for construction and operating funds once the museum is open.

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