Here is a beautiful writing by Steven D Lee. He posted it to the Good News Taylor Made Facebook page to share with everyone. He encourages us all to recognize and remember our own value.

Surround yourself with people who feel like sunshine

There will be always someone who doesn’t see your worth. Don’t let it be you.

If you had a priceless vase, would you lend it out to your absent-minded friend?

Would you allow it to be carried by someone who was careless and has dropped things in the past?

Would you entrust it to someone who shares everything with their friends and neighbors and would pass it along from hand to hand?

Would you entrust it to someone who would try to improve it by changing it?

Would you entrust it to someone who would compare it to other vases, and point out all the ways the others are better?

Would you entrust it to someone who would hold it hostage until you gave them what they wanted?


You would try to find someone responsible. Someone who appreciated the value of it, and who realized the vulnerability and courage required of you to even allow someone else to care after it.

You are the vase, and you are indeed priceless.

Don't let anyone treat you differently.

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Remember this column is possible because of your kindness. Continue to make good news.

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