Carl Caldwell

Director of Transportation/Pastor of Goodhope Baptist Church

Name: Carl Caldwell

Occupation: Director of Transportation/Pastor of Goodhope Baptist Church

How many years: I have been the transportation director for 11 years and with the Transportation Department for a total of 21 years. Prior to becoming director, I was the dispatcher and prior to that a bus route driver.

I have served as a pastor for 21 years for Goodhope Baptist Church

How are you involved in the community?

I have been in the Taylor community for over 20 plus years.

What impact does your work have on people in the community?

I have the opportunity of interacting with students of all ages while transporting to and from school. With that I also have the opportunity to interact and get to know many of the parents as well. During the travel it gives me opportunity to talk and listen to the children as they interact with other students.

What advice do you have for the younger generation?

You can be anything you want to be. All that you think or dream of can become a reality in each of you. If you think it, you can be it, never give up on your dream or yourself. You must crawl before you can walk, you can dream before you achieve your goal. It’s all about you

What is your life philosophy?

You only have one life to live so live it at the fullness and never sell out. You are very valuable. please know this the ones that we admire on tv, in the music industry, on the football fields, on the basketball courts, flying the airplanes, working in the white house, even president of our country can be you. You are very valuable

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