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Renee Schneider was named The KVUE Friday Football Fever Mom of the Week. She is shown with her four sons Ryan, Michael, Josh and Luke. Michael and Luke are currently on the varsity football team, Ryan is a recent graduate, and Josh is a Taylor Duck coach and teacher. Photo by Tim Crow

By all accounts, Renee Schneider bleeds green. She is a native Taylor Duck and a lifelong supporter of all the local teams. She and husband Chris are raising four athletic sons, and they volunteer countless hours wherever needed. They enthusiastically support the Green and White at both home and out of town games.

Most recently, Renee’s Duck Pride has earned her the honor of being named KVUE’s Friday Football Fever Mom of the Week. Friends and family say the award is well deserved.

“She’s been hosting team dinners for the past eight years,” said son Michael. “That means making dinner for about thirty hungry dudes.”

“The whole team comes together before the game, it’s a bonding moment for us,” said youngest son, Luke. “She’s always willing to let our friends come over. She’ll never turn them down, whoever they are.”

The Schneiders have two sons currently on the varsity football team. Michael is a senior and Luke is a sophomore. The oldest, Josh, is in his first year as a teacher and coach. Ryan, another athlete, graduated in 2017. Athletics has always been an important part of their lives, but for Renee, it’s all about faith, family and love.

“They know our house is open to everybody and I enjoy that,” Renee said. “I enjoy having that community and helping the boys learn how to help others. Sports is where people from all different backgrounds and walks of life can come together and find an equal playing field and find something in common. I just like the bonding that comes from sports and from teamwork.”

The four sons frequently hear others compliment their mom’s strong faith.

“Everywhere I go I hear about how strong her faith is,” said Michael. “Even teachers at the high school tell me they had the most wonderful conversation with my mom. She can’t talk without showing her faith, and it’s kind of rubbed off on all of us.”

“I think the relationship we have as brothers is definitely a product of that,” added Josh.

The brothers say their mom supports them but doesn’t push them. She expects them to each be a good person, and to do something productive.

“I believe you have to be doing something,” Renee said. “You get to pick what it is, but you need to be out there and part of something and be a blessing to people. You can’t do that if you’re just sitting at home.”

A big influence in Renee’s life has been her mother, known to the Schneider children and most of their friends as Nonnie.

“She is the one who taught me to love to serve teenagers and football teams,” Renee said. “My brother played football and she was a big part of the team dinners. When Josh was a varsity player she hosted dinners at her house and her banana pudding is a favorite desert of many players over the years. She taught me to cook a lot of food because you don’t leave people hungry.”

While many friends and family have congratulated Renee on receiving the well-deserved Mom of the Week Award, she is quick to point out that many others also enthusiastically support the Ducks.

“I truly believe there are many other families that do the same to serve the Ducks day in and day out and are just as worthy of recognition,” Renee said. “We are just thankful to be Ducks and support so many boys over the past 11 years. At the end of the day, we’re just an ordinary family doing the best we can to serve God and others.”

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