Jr Woman’s Study Club

Hostesses for the Jr Woman’s Study Club February meeting were, from left Patricia Felfe, Curie Humphries, chairman Marsha Beckermann, Mary Jane Hammack and Happy Brymer. Shirley McCoy was absent.

The Jr Woman’s Study Club met at Grace Place on Thursday, Feb. 13.

The meeting room was decorated with red flower centerpieces and white table cloths with bright red napkins folded in the shape of a rose. After a pork loin with raspberry sauce lunch, members were treated to cherry cobbler a la mode provided by hostesses Marsha Beckermann, Mary Jane Hammack and Curie Humphreys.

The business meeting was conducted by President Betty Inman, and minutes from the January meeting were read by Secretary Marcia Hagler. Nominating committee chairman Darlene Rydell reminded members that it is time to nominate officers for the next two years. Martha Griffith, new member chairman, conducted an election for a new member. Paulette McConchie invited everyone to support and enjoy the Williamson County Child Welfare Board casino night on March 21 at the Williamson County Expo Center in Taylor.

Hostesses Marsha Beckermann, chairman, Mary Jane Hammack, Curie Humphreys, Happy Brymer, Patricia Felfe and Shirley McCoy were thanked for providing a delicious meal in a lovely setting.

The next meeting will be at the Taylor Holiday Inn Express.

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