Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

The Bernie memes have cracked me up beyond words.

If you haven’t seen one, hop on the internet and look for Bernie Sanders sitting in the cold at the inauguration of Joe Biden in 2021. He was socially distanced in a spindly folding chair bundled up against chill and sporting a pair of comically cozy mittens. He looked exactly the way I often feel – like I’d rather be at home snuggled in bed watching old movies and eating popcorn and M&Ms with my dogs.

Artsy types have photoshopped him into such situations as a Bob Ross painting, the Breakfast Club movie poster and even into Star Wars and Avengers scenes. The creativity is boundless.

I admit, it was cracking me up. My brother-in-law, David Bowles had this to say:

“I think this Bernie meme phenomenon has tapped into our collective national consciousness. We all WANT to laugh again. We all NEED to laugh again. It feels so good to laugh again. To laugh at a silly, harmless thing (in this case, a whole collection of things), that is not vindictive, not mean-spirited, not demeaning, not divisive. To laugh like we used to. It has lifted a burden that we have shared for too long. My gosh, what a relief.”

I couldn’t have possibly said it better, so I simply stole it, thank you brother!

It’s been a pretty rough 12 months. One year ago, the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in the United States and we’ve been on a fun house ride around a dumpster fire ever since. Honestly, I don’t have any particular loyalty on one side or other of the political aisle, but I do have a ton of gratitude that we’re at least attempting to have a light giggle.

So, let’s sit back and laugh a little. Let’s enjoy the Girl Scout cookies that have hit the streets, the outdoor dining available to us and find a way to socially distance yet gather together; even bundled up and cranky is far better than being alone.

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