“Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.”

– Barbara De Angelis

Never regret being a good person to the wrong people. Your behavior says everything about you, and theirs says enough about them.

You can look around our own community and see how people are doing the right thing all the time.

Oasis Church has opened a diaper bank in our community to serve the moms’ in need. Free diapers are available for those who need them.

The program is in its second year and going strong. Thank you to all the volunteers who make this possible.

Reach out to the team lead by Jessica Alderete-Moya and Anna Ramirez-Riojas for assistance.

As usual, the diaper bank is open every Wednesday 6:30 p.m. at Oasis Church, 1616 Granger Rd in Taylor.

Remember to go around the back pantry area and someone will be glad to help you.

This is just one of the many organizations that are willing to help the community.

The Rotary Club is working to enhance Murphy Park with a new fountain. Rotarians have also been trenching and laying the infrastructure for a second fountain in a different park.

If you visit the Good News Taylor Made Facebook page you will find posts from the members who share stories about the kind experiences they have been the recipient of or witnessed.

Here are a few examples:

“Thank you, thank you to whoever did the right thing. My rings were mailed to me and I am beyond grateful. My faith in human kind is restored. Blessed.”

- Trisha Rogers Copeland

“So proud of our town Taylor. Today was my uncle’s funeral and all the people pulling to side of the road paying respect as we were going by to the cemetery.”

- Tammie Riethmayer

If these kinds of stories are not enough, you can always find an inspirational quote or saying pretty much everyday. I post many myself.

So remember that kindness matters and continue to make good news.

Then, share your stories with us, so we can share them with the community. You can post them to the Good News Taylor Made Facebook page or email them to lifestyles@taylorpress.net.

Remember this column only exists because of your acts of kindness.

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