Todd Grandjean

Todd Grandjean

AUSTIN – The Thompson Executive Leadership Institute in Austin, announced that Todd Grandjean, Superintendent at Devine ISD, is the recipient of an academic scholarship to attend the 28th annual Superintendent Academy sponsored jointly by the Thompson Executive Leadership Institute and Region 13 Education Service Center in Austin. The TELI Superintendent Academy is a nationally known advanced leadership development program for school superintendents from Texas and surrounding states.

According to Dr. Bob Thompson, TELI’s director, membership in the Academy is competitive and by invitation only. Grandjean was nominated by his colleagues, met a set of rigorous screening criteria, and was judged by the screening committee to have a leadership skill set that will add value to the discussions in a “think tank” of peers.

Grandjean, a Taylor native, worked at Granger ISD beginning in 2005, including a stint as principal until 2015.

According to Thompson, the scholarship pays all academic costs including a field trip to attend leadership development sessions in Michigan. The only cost to the district is Grandjean’s travel to Austin and the cost of him and the district’s board members to attend a visioning session in Austin. The Vision Session is a three-day session in the spring for Academy superintendents and their boards. There they will be led through joint leadership training and planning activities applicable to their individual districts. These district leaders will also meet with superintendents and board members from similar-sized districts to share ideas for increasing student achievement and developing a vision for the future of their schools.

Admission to the TELI Academy, according to Thompson, is recognition, not only of the superintendent, but also the on-going efforts of the board to improve education for children.

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