Taylor Public Library will host its annual summer reading program June 3 through Aug 3. This year will have more events for children and families.

The Summer Reading Program is hosted by all public libraries across the country, with this year’s theme being space. Taylor Public Library’s theme for this summer is A Universe of Stories.

Taylor Public Library Director Karen Ellis said there is a reward incentive for teens and adults after they read so many books.

“Adults who read a lot of books get put in a drawing, and if they’re chosen, they get free paperback books.”

She also said this year will have more presentations and movies, among other activities.

One in particular, Wild Things Zoofari, is an educational program that teaches children about wild animals, in addition to wildlife conservation. The presentation, held June 5, was presented by Zoofari animal handlers Pablo and Taylor.

“People will learn about facts,” Pablo said. “They’ll learn about animals you don’t see.”

Animals shown were a fennec fox from Africa, a toucan and chinchilla from South America, a lemur from Madagascar, and an alligator from the United States. A gila monster, a venomous species of lizard from Arizona was also shown.

“We also saw a snake,” Pablo said. “We were going to show a monkey, but we ran out of time. But I think the kids really liked it, which is our job.”

Ellis said she likes when the audience members get involved in certain presentations.

“We saw the Toucan fly off Pablo’s arms onto a woman’s in the audience,” she said. “We love moments like that.”

As far as wildlife conservation, Pablo thinks it’s necessary to teach children about ways to preserve nature.

“Our planet has been around for about 4.5 billion years, and we’re not taking care of it. Hopefully, they learn about taking care of the planet. Without it, there’s nothing we can do.”

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