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This group from the Church of Jesus Christ of The Latter Days Saints worked with Oasis Church and donated hygiene care kits for the homeless. Courtesy of the Good News Taylor Made Facebook page

“Your legacy is every life you touched.”

- Maya Angelou

This week was filled with random acts of kindness.

Remember that you are the CEO of your life. Like Billy Cox said, “The two things in life you are in total control over are your attitude and your effort.”

You decide what legacy you want to leave. What do you want to be remembered for? I chose kindness. What do you choose?

Let’s keep his random act of kindness going. It seems to make everyone’s day just a little brighter.

Remember to send your good news stories to or post it to the Good News Taylor Made Facebook page. You can also mail it to:

Taylor Press

Attention Good News

211 W. Third St.

Taylor, TX 76574

Here are some posts from the Good News Taylor Made Facebook page:

The act of kindness makes it a nice gift, especially to those who are without during this Christmas Season. Oasis Church gives a big thank you to the youth of The Church OF Jesus Christ Of The Latter Days Saints.

- Mary Flores

I just wanted to post and mention what a wonderful surprise I just received. One of my favorite FB girls, whom I've never even met, but share with frequently on here, just came by with her husband, Liz Phelan and Kenny Phelan, and brought me some homemade sugar cookies, which are absolutely delicious. What a joy and pleasant surprise. This is why I cherish so many great people whom I don't even really know, but have such kindness and giving in their heart. Thank you both for taking the time to do that. It made my day.

- Rick Early

I want to give Cameron-Crystal Hobbs and his secretary Shonda a shout out for excellent and amazing customer service. As I should of walked out in tears after having to spend $1,000 in repairs on my truck they both made this an excellent and smooth transaction, and left me leaving the business with a smile on my face knowing I chose the right person for the job, and knowing that my truck is fixed and reliable. Please keep up with your amazing customer service u guys are very appreciated.

- Stacye Kuhn

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