Little was said at the Taylor City Council public hearings regarding the tax rate and upcoming budget. 

The upper limit of the ad valorem tax rate is $0.809469 per $100 valuation, which was decided in a 3-1 vote during an Aug. 8 meeting.

The rollback tax rate, the rate voted by council, is a calculated maximum rate allowed by law without voter approval. Last year’s rate was $0.788000 per $100 valuation.

If anyone had an issue with the previously approved tax rate, then the city would have to host a truth-in taxation.

A truth-in taxation requires taxing utilities to hold two public hearings if the tax rate is above the effective tax rate. 

The effective tax rate is a calculated tax rate that gives the city the same amount of money it received last year on properties taxed in both years.

Currently, this tax rate for the city is at $0.742109 per $100 valuation.

The council held a public hearing Thursday night that ended without any comments from the community. 

However, the meeting’s second item, which also had a public hearing, aired the concerns of a local citizen regarding the budget for FY2019-2020.

Jessie Ramos said he was concerned about Martin Luther King Street and hoped to see the street get repaired with the money from the budget.

“[The damage] on that street is really bad,” he said. “Cars fly by back and forth and kids who play on that street may get hurt.”

The council is expected to vote on the tax rate and budget at the Sept. 12 council meeting. 

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