An opportunity is available to support your local firefighters in person.

The Taylor Fire Department is seeking volunteers to serve on the Taylor Fire Department Rehab Team.

The Rehab Team is an organization formed by former Taylor Fire Chief Pat Ekiss to support firefighters working on major incidents. Team members will receive training at monthly meetings and will be provided with all necessary equipment and supplies.

Team members must be 21 years of age and must live in Taylor. Team training meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. at Taylor Fire Station One downtown. Anyone interested in learning more about the rehab team is welcome to attend a meeting.

The Rehab Team was formed in 2015 to provide firefighters access to a true rehab experience when they are on a fire scene. The team gives firefighters a place to sit down, hydrate and get a quick snack if they have been on scene for a while without relief. Air bottles are filled and firefighters are checked out by EMS before going back inside a burning or smoke-filled structure. Being properly rehabbed allows firefighters to finish the job and go safely home to the station.

The Rehab Team utilizes Rehab 1, a Fire Department vehicle specially equipped for the mission. It is outfitted with cones for marking the rehab area perimeter, tables and chairs, large jugs for water and Gatorade, hot chocolate and coffee, paper and plastic goods, and several types of snacks. The truck also carries a generator, various lights, heaters and fans, and tents for use in inclement weather or as protection from the sun. The truck is also outfitted with a compressed air system for filling empty air bottles. Team members also have the use of Squad 1, an SUV that can be used by additional team personnel going to the fire scene. All required uniforms and equipment are provided by the Taylor Fire Department.

For additional information about how to participate, call Michele Vrabel in Fire Administration at 512-352-6992.

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