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The Taylor High School Marching Band has its eyes set on Disney World, and have worked hard to raise funds for the trip.

The Taylor High School Marching Band has its eyes set on Disney World for spring break, in addition to other activities for the year.

The Taylor Duck PACK have worked hard this year to raise just over half the funds needed. 

“It’s been a tall order this year for a whole new PACK crew. The exciting trip to Disney is the most expensive and extensive trip Taylor has ever planned and raising the funds has been challenging,” said Renae Fried, Duck PACK president. “The whole Taylor community has been amazing in its emotional and financial support to make this a possibility.”

Overall, the PACK has raised more than $11,000, but need to reach $20,000 for the students to travel to Disney. Fried said even more needed to be raised to continue the tradition of the Band Banquet in April, help with fund supplies for state competition next for the band and flags.

“We need to keep the forward momentum to see us through to make it a reality,” she said. “The work doesn’t stop there for the PACK; we need to keep the support coming to fund the rest of the Taylor Bands’ operating costs.”  

Former Taylor High School Marching Band member Judy Rivera-Davis came to the Duck PACK with a few ideas on how to raise some funds.  What started out as making t-shirts has turned into a full fledge enchilada dinner.  Davis’s parents Frank and Eva Rivera use to own a restaurant in town and are going to lend their expertise in this endeavor.

On Jan. 25, the Taylor Duck PACK will host an enchilada dinner to raise funds to help pay for transportation for the Spring Break trip to Disney World. 

Tickets are $10 and include three enchiladas, rice and beans. Deserts will be available for $1.

Tickets will be available at the Duck PACK meeting Jan. 14, at 7 p.m. at the Main Street Intermediate Cafeteria. All band students will also have tickets.

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