The end of the year awards and recognition ceremony for Thrall ISD was held Thursday, May 30, and celebrated the service for all employees integral to the district. The night had six major award winners, which ranged from celebrating district retirements to decades of service with Thrall ISD.

The first award of the night was the Tiger Spirit Award, which was selected by Thrall ISD’s Board of Trustees. Winners included Katina Walker, Nicole Tindol and Korie Dutschmann.

Recognitions were also given for employee retirements in 2019, which celebrated four individuals retiring after decades of hard work with Thrall ISD.

Lynn Crabb was recognized, as she retired after more than 30 years as a nurse for the school district. Ed Wrinkle worked over 27 years, Marilyn Laffere, 37 years and Linda Jones, 30 years were also recognized.

Another award given was a collection of Years of Service awards, which are awarded to Thrall ISD employees that reach five-year increments with the school district.

Five year service awards went to Allen Woodson who worked for maintenance, Heather Richter who worked in the business office, Leanne Martin, Thomas Umberger, Rick Porter and Holly Porter for teaching high school, and Kadie Cornelius and Nicole Kincaide for teaching elementary.

The 10 Years of Service went to Rhonda Leschber-Stallings as a high school principal secretary, and the 15 Years of Service to Thrall ISD was given to Jan Rinderknecht for her years as an elementary teacher.

The last Years of Service award was 30 Years of Service, which was given to Linda Jones for her work in café and food services.

The last award of the night was Teacher of the Year for each of the campuses. The award winners were Thrall Elementary’s Michelle Lester, Thrall Middle School’s Alicia Wise and Thrall High School’s Ryan Burgard and Korie Dutschmann.

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