Quinn Minute: Toothbrushes

During the quarantine year, I paid much more attention to my teeth. I brushed more and flossed more.

And sometimes, I just stared at my choppers in our bathroom’s magnifying mirror. That made them look bigger, and even more impressive.

My question: Where would we be without toothbrushes? For one thing, we might not have as many clean teeth left. My teeth aren’t all mine, but they will be after three more payments.

Several hundred years ago, a person cleaned his teeth with a quill. But if he used that same quill to write a letter, the next time he brushed his teeth he might end up with ink on his tongue.

So, the invention of nylon toothbrushes in the late 1930’s led to much healthier teeth and gums. Before that, some toothbrushes were made from hog bristles.

And, if hogs didn’t have their own bristles, how could piggies brush their teeth?

Two recent reports discuss brushing’s benefits. The first study says people with gum disease may be more likely to develop narrow blood vessels. That could lead to health problems.

Health problems can lead to sickness, and sickness can lead downhill. I personally don’t want to go downhill any faster than my present rate.

A second report says if you brush your teeth one minute, it burns three calories. Now, I brush my teeth while jogging.

I think it’s a healthy activity, but I get lots of drool on my shoes. That makes other joggers really maintain their “social distance.”

So, I will keep brushing. I want a clean month and healthy body.

Because, if you don’t take care of your body…where else are you gonna live?

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