St. Mary's Honor Roll

St. Mary’s students who achieved Excellence in Academics for the first quarter are Blake Yezak, Lydia Melcher, Ella Nalle, Logan Dunne, Adrian Tucay, Carli Pesl, Larkin Abbott and Cade Shirocky. Courtesy photo

Excellence In Academics 

Second Grade: Blake Yezak 99.909 

Third Grade: Lydia Melcher 97.818 and Ella Nalle 97.818 

Fourth Grade: Logan Dunne 99.273

Fifth Grade:  Adrian Tucay 98.083

Sixth Grade: Carli Pesl 99.364

Seventh Grade: Larkin Abbott 99.273

Eighth Grade: Cade Shirocky 99.5

A Honor Roll

Second Grade 

Addie Owen, Blake Yezak, Carter Stoecklein, Catie Buchanan - Parr, Cece Flores, Derrick Aleman, Gianna Rebollos, Gunner Streit, Lera Rost, Levi Schmidt, Michael Huf and Nathaniel Paita Prado  

Third Grade 

Ava Pugh, Diego Reyes, Ella Nalle, Emma Hayes, J.J. Martinka, Lydia Melcher and Rylie Minter. 

Fourth Grade 

Connor Stiles, Georgia Rethlake, Joseph Barta and Logan Dunne

Fifth Grade

Adrian Tucay and Mark Aleman.  Sixth Grade: Bella Hayes, Caitlin Pesl, Carli Pesl, Leah Altman, Mercy Barta, Mia Dunne, Mikal Rethlake and Zoe Telles-Carrizales. Seventh Grade: Kali Neal and Larkin Abbott 

Eighth Grade

Cade Shirocky, Cody Higgs, Conor Shirocky, Garrett Yezak and Kathryn Pesl

A-B Honor Roll

Second Grade

Beni Arteaga, Blaine Krueger, Clara Cogdell, David Heyl, Hosea Barta, Isaac Nemec, Lorie Telles-Carrizales, Nick Mokry, Paul Melcher, Carlos Vasquez, Eli Brown and Talytha Martinez Bautista.  

Third Grade

Addison Brandon, Anthony Lively, Arianna Tucay, Clara Stevenson, Christian Buchanan - Parr, Hadley Gola, Jack Moldenhour and Lila Gonzalez 

Fourth Grade

Alexander Flores, Ben Keith, Bradley Werner, Cameron Quebe, Claire Altman, Grant Samuelson, Grayson Stoecklein, Jolette Paiz, Julia Heyl and Xochitl Hopkinson

Fifth Grade

Allisson Salazar, Ani Arredondo, Avelina Carrillo, Charlotte Lyman, CJ Williams, Dulcie Krogmann, Holley Shouse, JD Morgan, Nikki Klehr, Olivia Mokry, Sebastian Lepe and Trinity Tschoerner

Sixth Grade

Adriana Flores, Emily Yanez, Gemma Samuelson,Hudson Ford, Izzy Streit, Lily Arteaga, Malerie Mokry and Steven Reyes  

Seventh Grade

CariDee Janek, Gabriel Maldonado, Katharine Hoffer and Kolbe Barta 

Eighth Grade

Brady Altman and Michael Machala

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