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The Invisible Man is a psychological horror movie with some serious jump scares you'll never see coming., except for the one from the trailer.

The Invisible Man, from director Leigh Whannell, opened in theaters on February 28, 2020, by Universal Pictures. It immediately garnered positive reviews from critics, especially praising Elisabeth Moss's performance as abused woman Cecilia. So far, The Invisible Man has been a major success, grossing $123 million worldwide against a $7 million budget. However, with the coronavirus pandemic shutting down theaters, Universal has since made the film available for digital-on-demand, only three weeks after its release.

In The Invisible Man, Cecilia is a woman on the run from her overly controlling and abusive boyfriend Adrian (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). After narrowly escaping from her boyfriend's highly-secured home in the middle of the night, she lives in fear of leaving her friend's house, afraid Adrian will come after her. Soon, however, she hears of Adrian's apparent suicide and everyone thinks she's safe until strange things begin happening around her. At first, it's only small things, but then they begin to escalate. Cecilia soon realizes that Adrian has found a way to make himself invisible and is stalking her and manipulating her life until even her friends and family think she's crazy. In other words, The Invisible Man is scary in all the right ways, with a lot of creepy moments and some truly effective jump scares.


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