There's been an announcement regarding water service.

UPDATE: As of 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 24, boil water notices have been lifted for the following water systems:

• City of Thrall

• City of Granger

• City of Hutto

• Southwest Milam Water Supply Corporation (WSC)

• Manville WSC (Coupland area)

• Noack WSC

• Jonah Water SUD

• Aqua WSC

Boil water notices still remain for customers for Taylor municipal government and Bell-Milam-Falls WSC.

Original article:

Boil water notices have been lifted in communities neighboring Taylor.

Thrall citizens who live within the city limits no longer have to boil water since their notice has been lifted. Residents outside the city had a little longer to wait as of Tuesday, Feb. 23.

“For customer accounts outside our City limits, along 79 to Taylor will still need to boil water until further notice,” said Thrall city staff on its website. “Thank you for your understanding, and the city appreciates your patience.”

The city of Hutto announced late Tuesday that water is safe to consume again and that its boil water notice had ended.

"Our system is fully functioning and water has passed TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) requirements for use," said Hutto city staff.

Also on Tuesday, Manville Water Supply Corporation (WSC) announced that Manville WSC and Noack WSC boil water notices had been lifted.

In Taylor, city staff said Tuesday that enough water pressure had returned to allow normal water usage. However, the boil water notice in effect since Feb. 15 remained.

“First, we are required to flush the system. You might see employees flushing hydrants and letting the water run down the street. This is required to ensure water quality,” said city staff. “Next, we will collect water samples from 22 different locations designated by TCEQ and take them to the laboratory for testing. If all 22 sites pass the test, we can rescind the boil water notice. If any one of them fails, we are required to flush, sample and test again.”

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