Dangerous weather earlier this week has put Williamson County and communities under disaster declarations.

On Sunday, Feb. 14, County Judge Bill Gravell issued a proclamation declaring a state of disaster for Williamson County due to severe winter weather conditions.

The state of disaster shall continue for not more than seven days unless continued or renewed by the Commissioners Court. As of Monday, local forecasts call for wintry precipitation to be on and off Wednesday before skies begin to clear Thursday. Saturday is set to be the first full day and night above freezing temperatures..

“We want to impress on the people of Williamson County the importance of staying home and not getting on the roads as much as possible," said Gravell. "By staying home, you can do your part to keep other people safe, including our first responders."

Williamson County activated its Emergency Operations Center and will remain active until the winter weather is no longer a threat. Williamson County officials asked that residents stay home and limit travel as much as possible as all roads have the potential to have dangerous ice formations.

Taylor and Granger mayors also proclaimed disaster declarations for their cities Feb. 15.

“Please stay safe and know that we are doing everything we can to try to fix the situation,” said Mayor Brandt Rydell. “Stay warm, stay dry and try to be patient as we all work our way through this situation together.”

In Taylor, the Texas Department of Transportation ordered that Main Street's S.H. 95 overpass between downtown and south Taylor be closed until further notice.

"City streets are also icy and extremely dangerous," said Taylor city staff.

Citizens experienced some water pressure changes beginning Sunday afternoon when the storm arrived since electronic sensors at Taylor's water towers were freezing.

"We do not expect to lose pressure entirely, and the fire department will be able to maintain fire protection,” said city staff. “Road conditions remain hazardous, so please stay off the roads if possible and take measures to protect your pets, pipes, and plants.”

For information on the changing road conditions, visit http://www.drivetexas.org. For more information from Williamson County government, visit http://www.wilco.org.

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