Numbers of COVID-19 in the county were going up before the local health district closed for this past week’s holiday.

On Tuesday, Nov. 24, the Williamson County and Cities Health District (WCCHD) reported a rapid increase of coronavirus cases in the county abroad. In observance of Thanksgiving, data from the health district began a pause Wednesday and will resume reports next Monday.

Taylor’s numbers were also affected Tuesday. Mayor Brandt Rydell reported that there were approximately 41 active cases of the coronavirus in Taylor.

In comparison, there was an estimated 17 people sick in Taylor four days earlier. The city’s peak number of reported active cases was 66 in July.

“Our total number of COVID-19 cases so far is 659,” said Rydell. “That includes an increase of 41 cases since my (Nov. 20) update.”

Approximately 618 citizens have recovered from the disease.

“We’re here in Thanksgiving week. We’ve all heard about the risks that are associated with a gatherings, even family gatherings bringing different households together,” said Rydell. “That increases the risk.”

He warned that news might not get better as we enter further into the holiday season and the current phase of COVID-19 transmission.

“All I can do is ask for each of you to do what you can to follow the CDC guidelines,” said Rydell, who also commented on vaccine news theorizing it might not be until spring when one is readily available. “We know there’s promise out there.”

In other data, WCCHD reported Tuesday that there were an estimated 806 county residents sick with COVID-19. About 11,304 residents have recovered from the coronavirus.

To compare, active cases increased from 436 five days earlier. Recent stats still remain less than the peak four-digit figures of concurrently sick residents during the summer, although the health district has revised its reporting mechanisms over time.

Deaths in the county linked to COVID-19 are estimated at 162, up from 159 the week before and the 158 figure that stood for a couple of weeks. In total, the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases in Williamson County this year stands at least at 12,272.

In Hutto, active case numbers spiked early this past week. According to the health district, Hutto had 64 citizens sick with the coronavirus as of Tuesday. There were approximately 21 active cases one week earlier with numbers as low as 12 in October. About 784 people have recovered in the city.

The Thrall area’s most recent report indicated four sick residents in zip code 76578. The zip code includes Noack and the southeastern corner of the county. Approximately 60 residents have recovered. With one previously reported death, 76578 has had at least 65 confirmed cases during the pandemic.

Other statistics that help determine the local threat of COVID-19 include hospitalizations, ventilators in use and more. To see more stats and gauge COVID-19’s local effects, visit

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