Taylor trash service

Taylor's trash service will have some changes beginning Monday.

Beginning March 23, all residential collection services are being reduced to cart only in order to reduce the chance of contact of personnel with solid waste through manual pickup. The stricter guidelines are part of Waste Connections of Texas and the city’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Changes in general beginning Monday are as follows:

• Residential Bulk & Brush – collection services are suspended

• Residential Recycle – reduced to cart contents only.

• Residential Waste – reduced to cart contents only. Contents outside of a container will not be collected to reduce the risk of exposure of operational personnel and maximize operational efficiencies.

The announcement was made March 19. The original statement declared trash meant to be recycled would be comingled with regular residential waste. However, the city of Taylor sent an update the next day that recyclables will continue to be recycled.

“Waste Connections will not be comingling recycling with residential waste as previously stated,” said Kendra Dubee, Taylor communications coordinator. “It will be recycled as usual but needs will need to be reduced to one cart.”

Certain services will be prioritized as the city enters a triage of operations. The city warned that lower priority services might be more susceptible to delays or temporary suspension.

Residential trash service has been deemed the highest priority. Other trash services in order of priority after residential trash are residential recyclables, residential bulk and brush which is suspended, commercial trash, commercial recyclables, industrial and construction trash, and industrial and construction recyclables.

John Harris, Waste Connections of Texas district manager, said in a letter to community partners that the change will be in effect through April.

“We understand that limiting collection services to cart contents only warrants some discretion among our residents for what they dispose of and when. Household trash, bags from kitchens and restrooms, should remain a top priority for those waste streams that go into the carts,” said Harris. “We appreciate your understanding as we take precautions to protect the health and well-being of our employees, our customers, and our communities. Please trust that we recognize our essential role in maintaining health and sanitation in our communities.”

For additional information, visit https://www.ci.taylor.tx.us/1002/COVID-19-Updates-from-the-City.

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