general election

All the mail ballots have been counted, so have the provisional ballots that passed muster.

A district judge even allowed 114 ballots from a malfunctioning voting machine, used one day of early voting at the Southwestern University campus, to be added to the final count.

Though some of the numbers changed, the results didn’t.

Tuesday morning, Williamson County Commissioners certified the results of the Nov. 6 General Election.

Pct. 4 Peace Justice Judy Schier Hobbs still lost her bid for re-election … but by a slightly larger margin. Pct. 4 Commissioner-elect Russ Boles won, though by a slightly smaller total.

Stacy Hackenberg’s margin of victory over Hobbs increased from 57 to 84 votes. Boles’ margin over Democratic challenger Carlos Salinas shrunk from 201 to 166 votes.

And, across the county, the margins of victory shifted ever so slightly but the results did not.

At 62.25 percent, Williamson County led the state in voter turnout. According to elections administrator Chris Davis, 209,257 ballots were counted during the election.

In fact, Davis said, more WilCo voters cast ballots in the election than ever before. Most of those voters cast early ballots.

Newly elected or re-elected officials will be sworn in Jan. 1, 2019 at the Williamson County Courthouse. Details about that event are not yet available.

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