Election Signs

James Talarico was one of the Democratic winners in Tuesday’s mid-term elections.


A blue wave did not sweep through Williamson County on Election Day.

It was more of a purple rain.

Wilco Democrats scored a couple of major victories but the GOP held the day with Rep John Carter’s win over spirited challenger M. J. Hegar’s bid, and a solid win from Bill Gravell over Blane Conklin for Williamson County Judge.

The Republicans swept the other county races.

Democrats James Talarico and John Bucy III each rode leads from the early vote to convincing wins in their races for the Texas House of Representatives. Talarico defeated Republican Cynthia Flores with 51.69 percent of the vote.

Bucy unseated incumbent Republican Tony Dale with 53.32 percent of the vote.

Two Wilco races were decided by 200 votes or fewer.

Republican Russ Boles beat Democrat Carlos Salinas by fewer than 200 votes for the Pct. 4 county commissioner’s seat.

The upset of the night was Democrat Stacy Hackenberg’s win over long-time JP Pct. 4 Judy Schier Hobbs. Hackenberg took that victory by only 61 votes.

Voters approved a 2-cent tax levy for rural dam maintenance by 53.93 to 46.17 percent, or by about 600 votes.

Still, Wilco voters voted for Rep. Beto O’Roarke over incumbent Republican Sen. Ted Cruz by more than 5,600 votes, and for Democrat M.J. Hegar over incumbent Rep. John Carter by 3,210 votes.

Carter won on the strength of the Bell County vote and Cruz won with more than 50 percent of the vote statewide.  

Wilco voters also voted for Democratic challenger Justin Nelson over incumbent Ken Paxton for Texas Attorney General by a razor-thin margin.

In the special elections, voters approved the two-cent rural dam maintenance tax and Hutto voters approved about $170 million in civic construction bonds.

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