Heritage Square

Snow blankets Heritage Square in Taylor Jan. 10.

All east Williamson County school campuses will be closed Monday with only one school district holding any type of classes at all.

Taylor ISD, Coupland ISD, Hutto ISD and Granger ISD will be completely closed Jan. 11, while Thrall ISD will conduct only virtual online courses. Campuses are being closed due to potential icy conditions and hazardous road conditions from overnight freezing temperatures.

Scroll down for announcements from each district.

Widespread snowfall blanketed central Texas Sunday, Jan. 10. School districts were warned that any snow that remained or melted might refreeze from Sunday night's low of 31 degrees.

"Snow, sleet, and rain came to an end this evening, however some area roadways may remain wet tonight. Temperatures are above freezing at most locations this evening, but lows are expected to fall to between 28 and 33 by Monday morning across the area that received wintry precipitation," said the National Weather Service (NWS) Austin/San Antonio Office. "Some locations may see some slick spots on roadways late tonight as temperatures fall back to near or below freezing. This would be most likely to occur on bridges or overpasses. Widespread impacts are not expected."

Officially, Taylor Municipal Airport recorded a 0.9-inch snowfall for Taylor according to the NWS. However, isolated bigger accumulations likely occurred.

All school districts expect to resume campus attendance on Tuesday, Jan. 12.

Announcements are as follows:

• Taylor ISD

• Thrall ISD

• Granger ISD

• Coupland ISD

• Hutto ISD

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